De ICCE website: “We now also feature sound”

Het ICCE was er snel bij om een webserver te draaien. Ik kan het jaar niet terugvinden maar het zou me verbazen als het niet 1992 of 1993 was. heeft op 8 juli 1997 voor het eerst een dump van de pagina gemaakt. icce-archive

De inhoud is ongeveer het volgende:

Handy for your Cruise Missiles:

The ICCE is located at latitude N 53:12:53, longitude E 006:33:18.

(Used earth model: WGS 84)


More about the icons shown here.

Welcome visitor, now please do…
since 18-Oct-95this first!

Welcome to the Homepage of the
ICCE at the University of Groningen.


Welcome to the homepage of the ICCE (Department of Educational Technology)
at the University of Groningen. Below you’ll find the menu to choose from.
We always like getting feedback: don’t hesitate to contact us if you have
any questions or remarks on the services provided here.

A total of


documents were requested by 169547 different hosts.

Since 1-Mar-1995; updated once a day.

Nice to know: ICCE-port numbers

If you have telnet available, you can use that program to do
some nice things with our computers, even though you might not have an
actual account with us:

  • The command telnet 13 provides you
    with (a very close approximation to) the official time in the
    Netherlands: (which is UTC + 1 (+2 when DST is active)).

Actually, any of our computers can be used for that purpose,
but suffix happens to be our primary time-server.


  • The command telnet 4000 opens up
    the Dutch Mountains for you: a mud-game. If
    your WWW-browser allows you to, this might get you
    to the Dutch Mountains
    right now!



  • The following ports on provide
    fortune cookies, be they Linux cookies or general
    ones (you can’t eat them, but they’re very tasty):


  • telnet 4001: generic cookies.
  • telnet 4002: Linux-specific cookies.
  • telnet 4003: all of the Linux-cookies.

Information distributed via

Generally, all information made available via this WWW-server is available
free of charge, in the way it is described in the Gnu
General Public License
. However note that all information made available
here is copyrighted by the ICCE. You are therefore not allowed to
retrieve information from this site, modify it, and redistribute it again
without our prior consent. Also, you are not allowed to charge any money if
you make our information available to third parties, unless we explicitly
agree. Agreements consist of your email in which you request
permission to redistribute our information, and our answer in which
we grant this permission.

We can be reached by e-mail at or, if
your browser supports forms, by clicking here.

Furthermore, much information is made available under the same set of rules in
our anonymous ftp site:, where you’ll
find most information from this server in the
pub/http directory.
Software is mainly located in the
pub/unix directory.

Support Us!


If you have any questions or comments about, we can be reached
by e-mail at or, if your browser supports
forms, by using a form.

Our surface mail and visiting address is here.

Apart from any e-mails, we would very much appreciate your support-statement
about the facilities we provide. If you want to express your support, please
do so by providing your name and e-mail address
in this form
. Also, have you signed our guestbook yet?

Thank you for your support!

What we have for you

The Hotlist.

  • New
    meteorology links
    , containing satellite images of Europe’s
    weather, and synoptical charts, as well as links to other
    exciting sites.




  • Version 4.0.0. of our C++
    : The preliminary version of the annotations
    (for C/C++ programmers) is being expanded and receives a
    lot of editorial attention. It’s still preliminary but it already
    contains more information than the `official’
    3.4.14 version. Some sections in 4.0.0, however,
    are still under construction. But I do my best to fill an empty
    section every day now.


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